student gathered in the ARC Pavillion for a career fair


Preparing for Your Future

美狮贵宾会分校 has one of the largest university career and internship programs in the nation. Here are some ways you can prepare for your future:

  • 学术顾问 throughout campus can help you plan your career path from admission to graduation, connecting you with a myriad of resources and opportunities.
  • 美狮贵宾会的 研究项目 help you get involved in ground-breaking research to promote all areas, from science to humanities.
  • Campus honors programs take your studies to a higher level.
  • The Internship and Career Center connects you to 实习 and employers through Career Fairs with over 3000 companies. They give you the skills you need to position yourself for a successful career and provides one-on-one advising to help you make your goals a reality.